• Fieldwork in Russia

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is doing a fieldwork in Russia (Ekaterinburg, Butovo and Moscow) between 29 of April and 18 of May 2014. 


  • Conference in Lublin

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is presenting a paper entitled Muzea historyczne w kryptach kościelnych – sakralizacja historii czy uhistorycznienie sacrum? during the conference Muzea w kulturze współczesnej – wyzwania, możliwości zagrożenia, which will take place 22 and 23 of May 2014 in Lublin (Poland).

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Dr Zuzanna Bogumił (project leader) is a sociologist and cultural anthropologist, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. She is currently interested in the religious dimension of memory in Central and Eastern Europe, the problems of appropriation by religious and national groups of significant spaces, inventing new national heroes, in particular the cultural and political significances of the new martyrs of the twentieth century. She is an author of a book Pamięć Gułagu [Gulag Memory], she also published in Polish Sociological Review, Europe-Asia Studies, Neprikosnovennyj Zapas, Kultura i Społeczeństwo. E-mail: zbogumil[at]


Dr Małgorzata Głowacka-Grajper (project investigator) is a sociologist and social anthropologist who works at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. Her main academic interests include: ethnic minority groups and theirs activities focused on cultural surviving, contemporary developments in ethnic and national identity, as well as issues of social memory and tradition. She published books and articles on ethnic minority schools in Poland, Poles from the former Soviet Union coming to Poland, and the problems of ethnic minorities, based on fieldwork done in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, and in the Siberian part of Russia. E-mail: glowackam[at]


Dr  Marta Karkowska (project investigator) is a sociologist and historian, an assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN). Her interests revolve around the themes of collective memory and locality, recently also issues related to the archiving of qualitative data. In her research she dealt with the changes of cultural memory as well as the theoretical side of research on memory in its social dimension. She has published in: Polish Sociological Review, Kultura i Społeczeństwo and Stan Rzeczy. E-mail: m-karkowska [at]


Dr Dominique Moran (project investigator) is a human geographer based at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, UK. A specialist in geographies of incarceration, she has also published on issues of memorialisation, cultural landscapes, and on the history of the Soviet Gulag. In her collaborative work with Dr Zuzanna Bogumił she has explored the cultural landscapes of memory of the Soviet repression and the tensions between sacred and secular forms of commemoration. She has published related articles in Environment and Planning, D Society and Space, Europe-Asia Studies, and the Journal of Historical Geograophy. Email d.moran[at]


Diana Roberts (project investigator) is a professional English proofreader and editor.