• Fieldwork in Russia

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is doing a fieldwork in Russia (Ekaterinburg, Butovo and Moscow) between 29 of April and 18 of May 2014. 


  • Conference in Lublin

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is presenting a paper entitled Muzea historyczne w kryptach kościelnych – sakralizacja historii czy uhistorycznienie sacrum? during the conference Muzea w kulturze współczesnej – wyzwania, możliwości zagrożenia, which will take place 22 and 23 of May 2014 in Lublin (Poland).

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Project » Michniów

  • Pietà of Michniów
    Pietà of Michniów

The Mausoleum of Polish Countryside Martyrdom is the branch of Kielce Countryside Museum and is currently being transformed into the multimedia mausoleum. The official site of the project reads: “the mausoleum is (...) a symbolic cemetery on which every martyred Polish village places its cross.”

The aim of the project analysis is to portray the way a history of a marginal group becomes part of the religious meta-narration and gains the rank of a battle for maintaining universal values.