• Fieldwork in Russia

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is doing a fieldwork in Russia (Ekaterinburg, Butovo and Moscow) between 29 of April and 18 of May 2014. 


  • Conference in Lublin

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is presenting a paper entitled Muzea historyczne w kryptach kościelnych – sakralizacja historii czy uhistorycznienie sacrum? during the conference Muzea w kulturze współczesnej – wyzwania, możliwości zagrożenia, which will take place 22 and 23 of May 2014 in Lublin (Poland).

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Project » Jedwabne

  • Monument to Those Murdered in the East
    Monument to Those Murdered in the East
  • Catholic Church
    Catholic Church
  • Jewish Monument
    Jewish Monument

The rout of Jewish neighbours that Poles committed in 1941 contributed to the ambivalence of Jedwabne in Polish collective memory. The monument commemorating this event (1991) clearly expresses that feeling. However, it is not the only Second World War memorial place in this small town. In the park which occupies the main square there is a monument devoted to those who died in the East and in the main nave of the church there are paintings of the blessed ones, from łomżyński region, who sacrificed their lives in the defence of Poles and Jews during the war.

The purpose of the research in Jedwabne is therefore to determine the influence inscribed in those memory monuments on perceiving the past of Jedwabne by its dwellers and the meaning that the religious representations confer on potential memory conflicts about the town's past.